Real tea is simply the best quality loose leaf tea brewed to perfection. This means attention to water quality, water temperature and brewing times for each type of tea. At Pippa’s we serve and sell only premium loose leaf tea. Tea bags are usually low grade, mechanically harvested and processed tea, often called “dust”, crammed into a tiny bag. Not our idea of a good time. Free the leaves!















At Pippa’s we brew our tea in glass press pots so you can watch the leaves do their thing – slowly unfurl, dance about and release all their goodness – and we serve our tea in double walled glass cups so you can continue to admire the beauty of your tea (plus, they keep your tea hot and your hand cool).
With over 100 teas from around the world, Pippa and the Tea Mavens (is that a great name for a band or what?) are ready to help you find the perfect cuppa.